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In early March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as part of our business continuity plan, we transitioned to working remotely. While it was a significant shift, technology enabled us to continue to provide excellent client service. Virtual platforms enabled us to stay connected in a way that supported our focus on the health and safety of our firm members, their families, and you.

During the past few months, we limited access to our premises to essential client meetings, critical operations and urgent matters only. While access is still limited for the time being, we are preparing for full reopening of our workplace in the near future. Preparations include taking a careful, gradual, and phased approach to easing restrictions and opening our premises fully while ensuring that all government protective requirements have been met and will continue to be effective.

Our excitement at the prospect of taking this first step to having everyone return to our premises must be tempered by the new reality we all face as a result of the pandemic. We will continue to exercise an abundance of caution and monitor the situation carefully. In the interim, be assured that we continue to be at your service and are here to help.

On a final note, while staying connected virtually has served us well, we miss seeing everyone and look forward to the day that we can connect again in person. Until then, we wish you strength and resilience and hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.